Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Uintas-Winter Edition

A few posts ago, I talked about the amazing Uinta mountain range and some of the summer adventures I had there. This past week I finally made it up for some winter fun with the pups and my friend Saralynn.

For those of you that aren't from Utah, you might be wondering what else besides skiing is there to do in terms of winter sports. For starters, Salt Lake and number of other areas in Utah are prime spots to go snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice climbing, winter hiking and camping, and touring. If you do not own any of this equipment and would like to try one of these activities out, the Westminster's Outdoor Recreation Club is a perfect place to start!

While you cant make it all the way through the Uintas due to road closures, there are a number of great places to stop. Last Friday, we pulled over at one of the trials located right after the Ranger Station checkin. The Taylor Fork and Plantation Loop is about three miles and was an easy snowshoe workout for the both of us. We both decided,however, that it would be more enjoyable and worth while to cross country ski. It was a beautiful blue bird day and sunny the entire time we were out there.  On the way out, we found several other trails we plan to come back and explore! Dog are only allowed on odd days and make sure to dress warm! Safe adventures everyone!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Westminster Bike Collective

Alrighty so this blog is for all you bikers out there and I'll keep it short.

Westminster College offers a number of services to students interested in biking on and off campus.
We have our own Bicycle Collective  that provides free repair and bike rental services for students, alumni and faculty. Not only can you can rent bikes but one of the trained student workers can also teach you how to maintain your own. The program also hosts a number of free info sessions like the Winter Biking Clinic being offered tonight! Check out their Facebook for future events! Ride on fellow bikers. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Uintas

This blog will be covering one of my favorite areas known as The Uinta Mountains.

So its sad to say I discovered this beautiful and amazing place three years after moving to Utah. Since finding this woodland gem, I have made the trip up no less than ten times and always find something new to do. I even bought a bright yellow canoe so I could spend more time out of the city and in the snow capped mountains. Located about an hour and a half from campus in northeastern Utah, this mountain range is a great place to camp, climb, snowshoe, backpack, fish, canoe, hike, and much more. The Uinta Range contains some of the largest mountains in Utah with its highest peak (King Peak) sizing up to a whopping 13,528 feet.

With over 1,000 lakes, endless hikes and backpacking routes, and amazing climbing, this is a great place to escape for the weekend for any outdoor enthusiast. Year round this area is available to anyone willing to put up with the indecisive weather. There is free camping located off some of the main roads but there are clean and well maintained public sites available for a small fee. Because this area is classified as National Forest, dogs are allowed and I highly encourage you to bring yours! Mj and Korra have loved exploring the forest, swimming in the cold lakes, and playing with other crag dogs

Also don't forget that Westminster's Outdoor Recreation Club rents equipment for students that can't haul their gear to school.

Check out some of my pictures from my most resent Uinta excursion and hope to see you out there!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maple Canyon

This last weekend Andrew, Mj, and I went climbing in the beautiful Maple Canyon. This is a great place to camp/climb because there are a wide range of climbs and a number of well maintained campsites. Unfortunately, we went on a particularly busy weekend and had to wait to climb some of the more popular routs, but overall it was a great trip! Mj also had a great time hanging out with us at each wall and tromping thought the woods in the canyon. Although she was a bit of a grouch the second day, there were plenty of dogs for Mj to sniff and play with!
The rock in Maple Canyon is by far some of the nicest rock I have climbed in the short time I have been climbing. According to Andrew, its a lot like climbing in a gym; the majority of the holds are jugs and pretty easy to find. We climbed routes on The Pipe DreamOxygen Wall, and the Zen Garden. These areas are all located up the Right Fork of the canyon, which is next to BLM land. If you’re a broke college student like myself, camp on the BLM land because unlike the other campsites it is free! Although the blots give you plenty of protection, I recommend you bring a helmet because the rock has a trendy to break off. Andrew referred to this kind of rock as a “Choss Pile”. This was a great weekend of adventuring and I hope to come back soon!



Monday, July 15, 2013


Alrighty, so a big expense that I was unaware of when starting school was the cost of text books. I had always heard they were expensive but I never thought a book could really hurt my bank account. My first semester alone I spent over $500! However, at the time I had no knowledge of any online textbook renting services, Westminster's textbook exchange page, or other services that save college students money when buying books.

While the bookstore does sell and rent the required texts for all of Westminster's classes, they can still be expensive. If you are looking for the cheapest way to buy books, checkout the website DirectTextbook. The is a great text book search engine if you are looking to easily compare the cost of new and used books. Using this website I have found the cheapest place to rent and buy my books for all of my classes.

Other websites I use just to rent my textbooks are CollegeBookRenter and BookByte. These are great because they rent textbooks at a fraction of the cost and when you're done, you simply drop them in the mail. Although the books being rented are used, you occasionally luck out get a book with great notes or highlighted sections! Overall this is a great way to save money, especially  if you don't want to keep all of your text books!

If you end up buying a book, chances are you can sell it back to the bookstore for some money; however you hardly ever get the full amount back. A great alternative is the Textbook Exchange because not only can you sell and buy books but you do so from other Westminster students. Most of the time, you can find a book that a student used the previous semester for a cheaper price! Another plus to this page is the ability to post searchers for specific books!

Hope this helps you save some money! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Taqueria 27

For this "foodie" post I'm going to be blogging about another great restaurant in Salt Lake City. Located above campus on Foothill Drive, Taqueria 27 is a newly opened restaurant serving its own interpretations of Latin American street food. This modern taqueria has a great atmosphere and an even better menu. Known for their tacos, the menu also includes a full list of appetizers, salads, mole dishes, deserts, and an extensive cocktail list. Along with the delicious food, Taqueria 27 also doubles as a coffee shop. Located next door to the restaurant, the Coffee Bar serves a full range of coffee beverages and offers free wifi to its paying customers. Whether you're looking for a tasty taco or place to study (or both), Taqueria 27 is the perfect place to go!

Taqueria 27 Menu

Fresh Fish of The Day
Grilled or Flash fried, tamarindo’s slaw, cilantro-lime crema, jalapeƱo tartar sauce

 House Made Turkey Chorizo
Traditional style chorizo, pickled red onion, cilantro, cotija, chipotle cream 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cafe Trio

For this "foodie" post, I'm going to be reviewing the delicious Cafe Trio!

Located on 680 South 900 East, this restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. With both inside and patio sitting, this place is great through all the seasonal changes of Utah. The upscale decor but causal atmosphere makes this restaurant perfect for a date or outing with friends. Besides it being a tad expensive, I frequently eat at Cafe Trio for their tasty brunches and their spicy Bloody Mary. Here is a link to their website and some pictures from my last visit!

Cedar Plank Salmon 

Parmesan Breadsticks