Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maple Canyon

This last weekend Andrew, Mj, and I went climbing in the beautiful Maple Canyon. This is a great place to camp/climb because there are a wide range of climbs and a number of well maintained campsites. Unfortunately, we went on a particularly busy weekend and had to wait to climb some of the more popular routs, but overall it was a great trip! Mj also had a great time hanging out with us at each wall and tromping thought the woods in the canyon. Although she was a bit of a grouch the second day, there were plenty of dogs for Mj to sniff and play with!
The rock in Maple Canyon is by far some of the nicest rock I have climbed in the short time I have been climbing. According to Andrew, its a lot like climbing in a gym; the majority of the holds are jugs and pretty easy to find. We climbed routes on The Pipe DreamOxygen Wall, and the Zen Garden. These areas are all located up the Right Fork of the canyon, which is next to BLM land. If you’re a broke college student like myself, camp on the BLM land because unlike the other campsites it is free! Although the blots give you plenty of protection, I recommend you bring a helmet because the rock has a trendy to break off. Andrew referred to this kind of rock as a “Choss Pile”. This was a great weekend of adventuring and I hope to come back soon!



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  1. MJ looks like such a happy girl!!! And I love the outdoorsy-ness of the photos. So cute james!